Welcome to the Works' SmileyNote Studios, inc. A gentle, kind boutique production axis where creativity matters. Our site contains examples of media projects we've created over the past 25 years. Productions large and small for clients in many sectors, each with unique design direction, goals and budgets. The results have won national awards and mega-trials, received accolades from the FBI, helped non-profits succeed and most importantly earned the appreciative thanks from many clients we now call friends. We love textures, colors, looks (and, yes, even style guides), reflections, refractions, equations and the x-factor. We don't accept typos, and get it right the first time. We hit the highs, and the low notes, and even the curve ball with noteworthy determination to solve that elusive production hurdle within challenging deadlines. "We like to solve puzzles, that's part of 3D, but love art and commerce to intersect thee." Video Editing • 3D Animations • MotionGraphics • Visual SFX • Original Music • Technical Directing Audio & Video Recording Studio • Green Screen • Mac Production Computer Rentals Interactive Media Presentations • Keynote & Powerpoint Decks • Original Soundtracks • Live Event Production Technical Director • Producer • Creative • Singer-Songwriter • Musician About SNS, inc. Since 1990 we've produced media and events for non-profits, government agencies and corporations. We've created projects in all mediums, won many awards, produced large live events, worked with big names and created a dynamic video to win back pension funds for blue collar workers with a 9 figure arbitration settlement. AlphaGraphics • American Diabetes Association • Biotronik • Charles Stegall Law Firm • FBI Nike • The Red Cross • U.S. Attorneys, Customs, and Federal District Courts Ventana Medical Systems • Youth On Their Own and with Barkley-Kalpak (NYC) • Mastercard, Blue Cross, Cox Communications, Parke-Davis with Henry V. Productions (OR) • Adidas, Keen, and The North Face with Really Big Video (OR) • TEDx Portland and many others with Video West (AZ) • Ohio State Fair and Minnesota State Fairs (Randy Travis, Bonnie Raitt...) "Creativity Matters"

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SNS 3D Animation Stills PDF • The NotedDaniel Work (solo musician)

Most of our corporate & legal sector videos are confidential and not viewable online. Please request a live in person viewing, we'd be happy to show our deep, wide breadth of quality and experience.
Our animations, visual effects and motiongraphics reflect the breadth of creative goals, budgets and design styles for clients including Nike, Ventana Medical Systems, Biotronik, AlphaGraphics and many ad agencies.
SmileyNote Studios, inc., Copyright 2017 daniel@smileynote.com • Portland/Lake Oswego, Oregon • 503.928.9366 The new SmileyNote Studios audio recording facility runs Mac Pro Tools software & Universal Audio hardware. Primarily built for "The Noted" tracking sessions; it has the high end equipment and talented musicians/engineers you'd expect, all in a Zen like natural setting. SNS is available for professional projects with creative souls. "The Noted" digital imagery, graphic artwork, music recordings as well as most of the videos/animations music on our website were produced by SmileyNote Studios, inc.
Business meetings and legal proceedings are executed dynamically with interactive presentations, videos and animated Keynote or Powerpoint presentations. Client projects include NIKE, Biotronik, AlphaGraphics, Mastercard, Bayer Diagnostics, Parke Davis, VMSI, U.S. Customs & the FBI. (no proprietary content shown)
Welcome to our comfortable green and open, natural creative space located amongst the trees. The studio features two inviting rooms, BIG and ISO, with wrap around windows, the flexibility of controlled natural light and programmable colored LED fixtures for changing moods. The space is ideal for cultivating creativity, enabling personal comfort while recording music or shooting video. "Music makes a kinder, more gentle world."